2024 Genocide Awareness Week Lecture – Professor Edward Westermann

Professor Edward B. Westermann will examine organized violence against Jewish communities ranging from pogroms in Eastern Europe, to mass murder during the Shoah, and finally to the massacres of October 7 by considering the historical contexts and specific events related to each case. It evaluates the motives and actions of the perpetrators within a framework of religious, racial, and political antisemitism.

2024 Yom HaShoah Commemoration

In partnership with the Center for Jewish Philanthropy, Phoenix Holocaust Association (PHA) held its annual communitywide Yom HaShoah observance at Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus.

Remembering Survivors

Since 2000, as a tribute to his father, whose family was murdered in Nazi concentration camps, artist Robert Sutz has focused his array of talents full-time to create life masks of Holocaust survivors and paintings of Holocaust scenes. His studio is in Scottsdale, AZ and he is an active member of PHA.

The works are not for sale. They are intended as an archive, and a way for future generations to connect with the faces of those who survived the atrocities of the past.

Community-wide Yom HaShoah Commemoration 2023

European Citizenship Informational Zoom Event

This session will bring in multiple experts who will assist grandchildren of Holocaust survivors understand the steps involved in applying for EU citizenship. Featuring Cornelia Malloy, Consul (Austria), Caterina Wustmann, Consular (Germany), and Adrian Chrobot, Political Counselor (Poland).

Online Discussion with Author David DeJong

A groundbreaking investigation of how Germany’s wealthiest men helped the Nazis grab power and how the Nazis helped German tycoons make billions off the horrors of the Third Reich and World War II. 

Online Discussion with Miriam Friedmann: Witness—The Art Legacy of Holocaust Survivor David Friedman

Miriam Friedman Morris talks about her father, David Friedman’s life through art and her journey to find his Nazi-looted art and preserve her father’s legacy. 

Chanukah in Carefree: Local Holocaust Survivor Hersch Altman z”l

Local Holocaust survivor Dr. Hersh Altman z”l spoke at Chanukah in Carefree on the fifth night sharing his amazing story of survival and his experiences during WWII. 

Dan Grunfeld Talks About His Book: By the Grace of the Game

Dan Grunfeld is 3rd Generation Holocaust Descendant, a former professional basketball player, an accomplished writer, and a proud graduate of Stanford University. Join us when he discusses his family’s multi-generational epic
detailing history’s only known journey from Auschwitz to the NBA. 

American scholar, rabbi, and professor, Michael Berenbaum will spoke on January 29, 2023, at Temple Solel on the topic of contemporary antisemitism. 

Gina Roitman is an award-winning writer and author of “Don’t Ask” and “Tell Me a Story, Tell Me the Truth” and many poems, essays, and short stories. Her documentary “My Mother, the Nazi Midwife, and Me” follows her journey back to the German town where she was born, to discover that the horrifying stories her mother told her in childhood were TRUE. 

“Iron & Coal” is a powerful and deeply personal rock-opera by critically acclaimed composer and performer, Jeremy Schonfeld. Taking inspiration from his father Gustav’s memoir, “Absence of Closure,” Schonfeld traces his father’s attempts to create a life out of the ashes, having spent a year in concentration camps at the age of ten. 

Steve Fisher is a New York based, award-winning playwright. Mr. Fisher will talk about his most recent work, The Last Boy…a new play with music. It was inspired by the 100 boys in Terezin concentration camp who fought the Nazis with poems, and the one boy who saved them.

FatherPatrick Desbois Yahad-In Unum. 

April 5, 2022

Father Desbois talks about ISIS and the Yazidi Genocide.

Holocaust by Bullets and Relevance to Modern Genocides. FatherPatrick Desbois Yahad-In Unum.  April 4, 2022

Father Patrick Desbois is a distinguished author, university professor, historian, forensic detective and world-renowned human-rights activist. He has dedicated his life to fighting the bigotry that fuels the disease of genocide and bridging the divide between faiths.

The Dressmakers of Auschwitz: The True Story of the Women Who
Sewed to Survive powerfully chronicles the stories of the women who used their sewing skills to survive the Holocaust, stitching beautiful clothes in an extraordinary fashion workshop within the Auschwitz concentration camp. 

Meet Hans Knoop, the legendary Dutch journalist who was instrumental in exposing one of the worst war criminals in Dutch history. Hear how Mr.
Knoop and Chaviv (Bibi) Kanaan helped bring justice to the Kanaan family and countless other Holocaust victims. Local Phoenix resident and grandson of Chaviv Kanaan, Erez Kanaan (3G), and Erez’s father David Kanaan (2G) will be joining us for this riveting presentation about their family’s story.

Online discussion with Canadian author, journalist, show-business columnist, broadcaster, Board member -Foundation for Genocide Education….and raconteur extraordinaire, Tommy Schnurmacher, as he offers us a very unique post-Holocaust memoir about how his mother got two infamous Nazis to save her life … and the profound impact her chutzpah had on their unusual and turbulent relationship.

Judith Greenberg holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from
Yale University and had been writing and teaching about trauma
and literature for years before she discovered the history of the last
days of the Jews of Siedlce, Poland recorded by her own relative,
Cypora Jablon Zonszajn. 

In November 2015, Ksenia Coffman discovered something amiss in a
Wikipedia article about a notorious Nazi and a Holocaust perpetrator. The
article drew an apologist picture of an SS death squad’s commander who
happened to come up with the idea of mobile vans to gas Jews. 

Deborah Vadas Levison, an award-winning journalist, tells the extraordinary account of her parents’ ordeals during the Holocaust, one of the darkest times in world history. 

PHA vice president Janice Friebaum was the special guest speaker on the 4th Night, Wednesday, December 1st. “A Great Miracle happened: The Generation After the Holocaust” Janice Friebaum’s father was a Holocaust survivor from Warsaw, Poland. Janice  shared her affecting story of growing up in the long shadows of trauma and loss, and how being the daughter of a Holocaust survivor has shaped her life.

Video courtesy of: Herbert Hitchon at An Eye On You Production

Silvia Foti could not imagine that by making a deathbed promise to her mother her life would change after she would discover the truth about her Nazi grandfather.

One man’s crusade against Lithuania’s distortion & revision of the murder of its Jewish citizens

Phillipe Sands discusses his book The Ratline, the story of Otto von Wächter’s role in war crimes against the Jews in Poland

Dr. White Testimony

Dr. Alexander White speaks at 2021 Educators’ Conference on the Holocaust.


KAVOD is a nonprofit 501(c)3 Organization founded by John and Amy Israel Pregulman in 2015.  KAVOD provides Holocaust survivors emergency financial assistance as well as raises awareness about the unmet emergency needs of survivors in the US.  Recognizing the importance of reaching any Survivor regardless of where he or she lives, Seed the Dream Foundation partnered with KAVOD to establish the KAVOD Survivors of the Holocaust Emergency Fund (SHEF) in 2019. KAVOD SHEF exponentially multiplies the dollars and vital services directly reaching Survivors as well as increases awareness to this crisis. Leveraging the funds raised through a special philanthropic national matching initiative, KAVOD SHEF works with designated communities across the United States to bring millions of additional dollars to the Survivor community. John has also been photographing survivors since 2012 to honor their memory. During his most recent trip to Phoenix, he captured photos of Holocaust survivors living in the area. Please visit our Gallery below to view the photos of survivors.  For more information on KAVOD please visit